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Antibodies Online is the biggest online marketplace for research antibodies and related products worldwide that is independent of manufacturers. Everyday countless scientists from the USA, Europe and Asia use our website to research needed reagents and antibodies. Currently we are listing more than 430,000 antibodies and over 71,000 ELISA kits from more than 140 suppliers from all over the world and deliver to over 50 different countries.

Primer Design <>
Real-Time PCR solutions for work at the clinical science interface. Gene detection kits for RT qPCR and Independent Real-Time PCR consultants.

Laboratory Network
Are you interested in finding applications to better utilize immunoassays? Want to find out the latest developments in the growing field of nanotechnology? Searching for a better understanding of proteomics? Need to identify and select suppliers? Then you need the expert advice of Laboratory, the premier sourcing site for the analytical industry

CISTI, the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information

Inter-Tech Engineering Inc. <>
ITE is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm, which provides services in the areas of software development, earthquake engineering research and development, structural design and analysis, geotechnical and environmental evaluation, and site investigation.

Alberta Research Council
Maxxam - leader in analytical services and solutions to the energy, environmental, food and DNA industries.
InterCorr International, Inc. - Contract corrosion and materials research for petroleum, petrochemical, electric power and many other applications; over 600 clients in 28 countries worldwide
National Library of Canada
National Research Council of Canada
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
Ontario Library Services - Centre
Statistics Canada


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